Chai Altman Preschool is an extension of our family, a home away from home.  The environment is filled with learning, adventure, exploration and fun.  My daughter, who attends the toddler program, comes home every day with a bright smile on her face, excitement in her eyes and many new words to say.  The program is enriched with yoga, gymnastics, Spanish and cooking along with a broad curriculum to promote learning.  The children learn about science, visit the school library and participate in a weekly school celebration.  My daughter is exposed to new activities each day, promoting creative thinking and imagination.  Being a culturally diverse school, my daughter has the opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences in all of us and to treat everyone with respect.  The success of this school is a direct reflection of the passionate school staff who provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment for all of the students.  I feel confident that my daughter is in good hands each day and receives the love and care that I would want her to have.  I am very happy with Chai Altman Preschool and can't imagine her spending her days anywhere else.

M. Klock - San Diego


I can't say enough about how much we love Chai Altman Preschool.  We had several bad experiences with other preschool centers and once we found Chai Altman, it was an immediate sense of relief to know that our son, Ben was going to be safe, happy and nurtured.  From the minute we walked through the doors, it was evident that it was going to be a fantastic experience.  Our family is not Jewish and it makes no difference - it is an exceptional school for ANY child.  The teachers are truly engaged, consider their work a career rather than just a temporary job and it shows in their loving and calm manner with the children.  They have a great balance of learning and playing.  Ben comes home chatting about all the fun things he did at school.  As a working parent, I needed longer hours than many of the local preschools offer.  Chai Altman offers a variety of schedule options so that any family can find the right program that will work best for their situation.  It will be a very sad day when Ben moves on to elementary school, but we feel that he will have benefited from the BEST preschool experience available and will be socially, intellectually and emotionally ready for that next step!!

K. Sheffres - Poway 


Both of my children attended Chai Altman Preschool.  When it came time to make a decision about where to send them, for us, the decision was obvious.  Chai Altman is more than just a preschool, it is a "family".  Attending school here is becoming part of a community where you and your kids always feel welcomed.  The teachers and staff are warm and nurturing.  They make school a fun and positive environment.  Each morning my kids would run and hug their teachers, especially after a weekend away.  It always makes us feel good about where they are because of how much they love to be there.  The staff at the preschool works hard to keep the curriculum current and enriches their learning with music, gymnastics, foreign languages and many other artistic activities.  The kids go from toddlers to mature children ready for kindergarten or first grade.

More importantly the school teaches strong values.  The children learn about giving back to the community, helping others in need and donating to important causes.  They are allowed time to share every day how they have helped their parents, siblings, friends or anyone in general.  The kids learn to share and find ways to work through problems by communicating and working together.

I would recommend Chai Altman to any parent who is looking for a warm, safe and loving environment for their kids to grow up in.  We have seen our share of schools and find that no other preschool provides all of these traits in the  same way that Chai Altman does.

M. Stark - Poway 


We love Chai Altman Preschool!!!

We moved to San Diego in 2007.  My son, Ran was 4 years old and did not speak a word of English. The teachers are wonderful, loving and supportive, which made Ran's first year a great one!  Now my younger son, Guy is in his third year at Chai Altman, he started when he was 18 months.  Guy loves the teachers and the school.  It is a great place with lots of love for the kids, a warm environment and best of all......we feel at home!

 A. Hoff - San Diego


Chai Altman is a great school!! They are wonderful with the children and the patience they show to both the children and their parents is so nice.

B. Simon - Poway